Matt - Fellow Marine

"I only had about a year and a half left in the squadron when Dillon checked into 463.  What I remember most about him was that I was immediately impressed by his posture, demeanor, and confidence.  There was no doubt in anyone's mind that Dillon was as good as they came, and could not ask for a better Marine.  Dillon carried himself extremely well right from the get go.  That is to be truly admired.  Often times when Marines check in they spend several weeks, sometimes months, trying to blend in with the crowd or avoid any attention at all.  My peers and I knew right away that he would be the guy that would be filling our shoes as we transferred out of the unit or ended our tour of duty.  To be honest with you I was quite jealous of how confident he was.  It took me a little bit of time to assimilate to the culture and feel like I belonged.  Dillon knew he belonged right away, and deservingly so.  Dillon, as you know, was a natural born leader.  What I will say about Dillon's passing, is that it will continue to push me.  Inherently Marines always strive to better themselves.  Dillon was always very respectful of his seniors and looked up to them.  What he may have not known is that we all looked up to him as well.  Knowing that Dillon would expect the most from all of us will push me even more so.  Know that you will forever have a close tie to Dillon through all of the Marines that he touched, and that our thoughts and prayers will always be with you and your family.  Semper Fidelis!!"

Patrick - Fellow Marine

"While we mourn the loss our brothers let us not forget to celebrate the memory of our brothers.  I did not know all of the twelve well, but of the three I did know (Kennedy, Semolina, & Jardas) I am sad.  Not so much the fact that the Marine Corps lost outstanding Marines, but that the world lost great people.  The kind of people that just being around them made you feel better.  The type of people that were leaders we respected, not because of their rank as much as for their character.  The type of people that we admired for their vast knowledge, not for the amount, but their willingness and ability to share it.  The type of people that would motivate YOU to be better, how they strived every day to be the best Marine they could be, not because of their love of Corps and country, but because that was the type of person that they were.  They were the type of people that when you saw them, no matter how horrible you were doing or how hard you wanted to fight back the smile you couldn't, because... They brought out the best in everyone they met.  I'm saddened by their passing, but I weep for our loss, because heaven truly has our best.  Rest easy brothers, you've served your Country, Corps, and fellow man well.  Semper Fidelis."

Isaac - Fellow Marine

"Dillon always had a level head, he knew what he wanted and where he was going and was always willing to work as hard as he could to accomplish his goals, I really can't say that about most people our age, the day the accident happened before I found out what names where on those flights he was the first that came to mind I'm not sure why besides the fact that I was praying he wasn't one of them more than anyone else I know who is a flyer.

He definitely was dedicated, dedicated to his job, his family and his wife.

When you hear people say that they wouldn't rather have anyone else by their side in combat, that is probably the biggest compliment anyone could give a marine, because that means they trust that person with their life and I would say that about Dillon any day of the week."

Jo - Friend

"Hello, and again my condolences for Dillon.  Not a day has passed since that tragic night that I have not thought about him and all of you.  He was an exemplary young man and his presence in the world made it better and more beautiful.  But the people who got to know your son will forever be better people just for knowing him.  I thought about what to write today and thought Iā€™d share the story of how me and D became friends.  We both were at Pyramid Rock Base on MCBH just enjoying the beautiful weather and beach when a man started having heart issues.  It was then when I noticed Dillon because he stood up and asked out loud what was going on.  I stand at 5 feet so your son at 6'4"ish and over 200lbs muscle was heard to miss!  We went to help but the lifeguards on that beach are really great and helped him out. After that your son and I sat down and talked for over an hour.  He told me about his job and I found it fascinating and asked to see the helicopters.  He told me I should stop by his work and ask for him and he would show me one.  So of course, I went the next day!  Unfortunately, he was up in the air at the time but all his Marine buddies were eager to show me them and then tease poor Dillon when he returned saying "some girl in a bathing suit came by for you but we persuaded her to hang with us" LOL.  It was an honor to have known your son.  I pray for all of you everyday."